• Fall Semester

報名提示事項 Application Procedures
Applications Open:10 am, 18th January, 2022 (Taiwan Time)
Applications Close:5 pm, 31st May, 2022 (Taiwan Time)
Deadline for Submitting Required Documents:5pm, 31st May, 2022 (Taiwan Time)

Please use Chrome with Microsoft Windows or Android to apply and upload the files so there should be no compatibility issues. This application system may be unavailable supported software from Apple's servers such as macOS, iTunes, and iOS. 請在Microsoft Windows或Android系統中使用Chrome報名並上傳文件以避免兼容性問題,本報名系統無法支援macOS、iTunes、iOS。

Step 1 Please make sure that you are eligible to apply as an international student.
Please refer to the brochure "II. Entry Requirement".
Step 2 Please ensure the department/graduate institute and the program which you intend to apply for admission is available. Please refer to the brochure "I. Programs Information."
Step 3

Online Application

(1). Only online applications shall be accepted. Please complete the online application, and upload all the relevant documents before the deadline. Hard copy applications/documents will not be accepted. Each applicant may apply for up to two departments/graduate institutes.

(2). Please fill out the application form in Chinese or in English. All information provided on the application system must be valid and accurate in order to prevent any important information and notifications from getting missed or lost.

(3). Please print out the relevant documents and sign your name on the paper after you have completed the online application form. (Click on "Application Status")


(1). 一律採線上報名,於截止日前,將所有相關資料上傳以完成線上申請。恕不接受紙本文件。每位申請人至多申請2個系組。
(2). 請以中文或英文填妥報名資料,報名時請務必登錄有效資料,以免自身權益受損。
(3). 完成後請列印相關文件並簽名(點選”申請查詢”)。
個資聲明  Registration and Notification for Applicants

(1). I personally read and agree with the relevant regulations of the Recruitment Requirements.

(2). I personally or authorize the licensee to enter all registration information online, and confirm to possess all information on the registration form or the attached documents. I hereby confirm with full legal responsibility and agree to be cancelled the enrollment qualification for any perjuries or inconsistent diploma found.

(3). I hereby confirm all registration information to be used for handling the relevant matters as the required application information by the school according to the pertinent regulation of the “Personal Information Protection Act”.